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[Spca50x-devs] Confirm fix in pac207.h for 093:2468 dealloc error

Hello list,

I can confirm that the change:

> if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x00)
> return -ENODEV;
> to:
> if (id[0] != 0x27 || id[1] != 0x08)
> return -ENODEV;

Also works for a new Trust WB-1400T I recently aquired.
My old Trust WB-1200p however, breaks after this change. So I modified
the code like this:

if (id[0] != 0x27 || (id[1] != 0x00 && id[1] != 0x08))

Thanks for this great driver supporting so many cams!

Mark Huijgen

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