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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Need Help-Is_host_pipe_error()

George Neil C wrote:
> Hello,

> Now the MCU is in the  Is_host_pipe_error() stage. What may be the possible
> solutions..??
> Thank you
> George Neil
> Design Engineer
> E-Smart Satellite and Telecommunication
> GCDA Complex, Kerala
> India.
> Pin: 682031
> Telephone: +91 484 2352310
> Fax: +91 484 2364850

Dear Sir,

1. Company support requests without company domain 
mail contact will get usually no answers here, sorry. 

2. Pls remember GSPCA code is under GPL v.2 Licence and 
*not* in the public domain, so You're not allowed to include 
GSPCA code or parts of it or technologies developed here 
in Your proprietary drivers, thank You.
We never get any specs for writing webcam chipset drivers 
from manufacturers like You, so I fear we can't help You.

Respectively Yours,

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