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The spca5xx doesn't appear to support my 561 camera
(I should not be surpised I suppose as it's not JPEG based)
Ah well, it was $12 dollars, 
kay sera sera.

So, I'm just gonna buy a different camera.

I looked at the terk for a reference,
It uses a Logitech Communicate STX Camera

But that's like $40 and has integrated audio, which I don't need at the 

I see the compatibiltychart at
with the LE flags, but what this doesn't have is relative pricing, user 
reviews, or functionality chart
 (understandable since that's not your business but that's what I need to find 
a camera)

So I'm takin' a poll.

Anyone else using this software? What camera's are you using? Do you recommend 

Essentially I want something cheap, 
that works well, with at least 640x480 rez.
I'm doing a vision based robotics project.

Is the Logitech my best bet?

Pushing the list through ebay at the moment to see what I get.

thx again,

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