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[Spca50x-devs] help with [046d:092f] quickcam express


I bought a quickcam express for my gnu/linux box and am now looking for a
driver. I tried both the spca5xx (for Linux 2.4.20) and gspcav1-20070508
(Linux 2.6.9) without success. I don't exactly know the right question
to ask here, but the obvious is: does the qc driver support the 092f?

The problem is the module (spca5xx) loads, but /proc/bus/devices shows
driver=(none) for alts 1 - 13 and opening /dev/video0 returns error 19.
Also, rmmod claims the module is busy and refuses to unload it. No, I
haven't applied the hotplug kernel patch, yet. It would help just to know
I'm using the right package before hacking further :)

My idea is to output the camera to theora and mix it with vorbis over an
ogg stream.

Please help the Newbie

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