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[Spca50x-devs] USB webcam driver is not working with 2.6.10 kernel

Hi all

I could able to make my webcam(logitech quick cam) work with TI-DAVINCI EMV
gspcav1-20070508 and spcaview-20061208 with 2.6.20-omap1 kernel.

But we need to use 2.6.10 for the board as per our client requirement. I am
facing strange problem with 2.6.10 usb driver, the details are as below:

Webcam will detect without any problem and when i run an application
./spcaview, it fails by returning usb_submit_urb(0) ret -16 (EBUSY).

I had put printk's in musb driver and found that EBUSY is because (in
musb_host.c, pEnd=musb_find_ep(pThis,pUrb);) pEnd is always = 0 or less,no
Isoc ep is allocated to webcam.

Is it because ep0 (for enumeration) is not released by webcam??.

some more inputs are

It uses fifo_mode=1 and address 2 for which only FIFO_RX is defined (in
drivers/usb/musb/plat_uds.c)where as in kernel 2.6.20 it uses fifo_mode=2
and address 3 for which only FIFO_RXTX is defined and hence no issues.

If i change the fifo_mode to 2 in kernel 2.6.10, inserting musb_hdrc.ko will
fail returning error -22.

I have attached dmesg for further information,

Note: If i use (spca5xx-20060501)spca5xx.ko driver,the webcam itself will
not be detected.
	In spca5xx-20060501 README file the kernel 2.6.10 is not listed, is it not
supported or not tested?

 Please suggest me how to approach to solve this problem..

 Thanks in advance
 Manjunath AM

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