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[Spca50x-devs] is this normal picture quality on Labtec Webcam Pro?

I don't know if the picture quality is always so bad with this webcam,
or do I have wring settings, or something?


This was captured with 'spcaview -b -g -f -r32 -l -N 1' but more or less
whatever options I use, the result is equally bad.  I don't want a
high-resolution picture, I just want a decent quality 640x480 picture.
Take a look at the yellow wall in the upper-right corner. In reality it
is a perfectly painted clean yellow wall, on this picture it looks like
a dirty wall with stains all over the place. This is indoors at daytime.
I manipulated the light conditions, and spcaview settings, and camera
focus, and this is the best I could get. What the heck is wrong? Are
these cameras really so crap, or can you get a better 640x480 picture
with the right software and settings? If not, then what inexpensive
webcam will give me a decent quality low resolution picture without
spending a fortune? BTW: This was made with the use of a tripod.

On http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.spca50x.devel/1548 there
is a picture from the very same model of webcam, and the quality is much
better, the wall of the house is really clean yellow, and clouds look
like coulds, and not like toilet paper.

Here is how this was captured:

miernik@tarnica:~$ spcaview -b -g -f r32 -l -N 1
 Spcaview version: 1.1.5 date: 12:12:2005 (C) mxhaard@xxxxxxxx
Initializing SDL.
SDL initialized.
bpp 4 format 5
Using video device /dev/video0.
Initializing v4l.
**************** PROBING CAMERA *********************
Camera found: Labtec Webcam Pro
Bridge found: ZC301-2
Bridge find ZC301-2 number 13
StreamId: JPEG Camera
wrong spca5xx device
Bridge find ZC301-2 number 13
Available Resolutions width 640  heigth 480 native *
Available Resolutions width 352  heigth 288 decoded
Available Resolutions width 320  heigth 240 native
Available Resolutions width 176  heigth 144 decoded
 grabbing method READ asked
VIDIOCGWIN height 480  width 640
brightnes=32768 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=24 palette=4
brightness=32768 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=32 palette=5

VIDIOCSPICT newbright:34018
brightness=34018 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=32 palette=5
VIDIOCSPICT newbright:35268
brightness=35268 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=32 palette=5
VIDIOCSPICT newbright:36518
brightness=36518 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=32 palette=5
 picture rgb32 07:17:2007-17:58:39-P0000.jpg
VIDIOCSPICT newbright:37718
brightness=37718 hue=0 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=0
depth=32 palette=5

Used 1171ms for 14 images => 83ms/image 11fps.
Quiting SDL.
Decoded frames:14 Average decode time: 25.000000
Destroy Picture thread ...


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