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Re: [Spca50x-devs] How to increase the packet size (USB)


My Logitech webcam is working fine without hub..but if i use hub it gives only half of the window.I tried by allocating more FIFO size for the enpoint which my webcam uses but that didnot help me..there is no other usb device connected to hub except the webcam..

Please suggest me how i can make my webcam work through hub  .


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Subject: Re: [Spca50x-devs] How to increase the packet size (USB)

Le Jeudi 5 Juillet 2007 16:03, Manjunath A M a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am using 2.6.20-omap1(montavista) kernel for my TI-DAVINCI based board,I
> am trying to interface USB-webcam to the board using gspcav1-20070508 and
> my application driver is spcaview-20061208.
> The problem i am facing is,
> gspca driver needs packet fifo size of 1023 to stream video and give output
> properly. This is happening perfectly with X86(PC- with same 2.6.20-kernel)
> properly but with our TI-DAVINCI based the packet size allocated is only
> 128(after auto negotiating by driver)due to which only half of the vidoe
> window is displayed on the TV
> I have attached the demsg of both X86 and TI-BOARD..
> please suggest me how i can allocate more packet size to ISOC device ep. I
> need to increase packet size to 1024 in kernel musb driver to make my
> driver work properly ( i feel)..
> I tried by changing the .maxpacket value to 1023 in
> "drivers/usb/musb/plat_uds.c", it didn't help me.
>  Thanks in advance
>  Manjunath AM
From the gspca logs it is trying to adapt the alternatesetting and decrease 
maxpacket size as the usb layer answer "nospace left on device", is there 
others usb device on the same usb host controller ? are you sure your 
hardware is usb isochronous capable ? 
Michel Xhaard

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