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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Adding gspca to the mainline kernel

Hi Denver and all.
I shall afford some remarks on this theme

>1. Code accepted into the mainline kernel must meet certain quality

What you mean when you say about "code quality standards" ?

> The second is lack of support for multiple simultaneously-connected
> webcams.  From what I can tell, the gspca driver only recognizes one
> gspca-compatible webcam even if more than one is connected to a given
> computer.  Usually mainlined drivers will be checked for these sorts
> of robustness problems prior to inclusion.

Denver, what you mean in this case ?
GSPCA work with  multiple simultaneously-connected webcams pretty good.
Some problems can take place with USB bandwidth, but in this case GSPCA driver
has the certain advantages in comparison with other webcam drivers owing to an opportunity 
dynamically allocated bandwidth for attached devices...see attached screenshot.
(it is my modular gspca branch but it has on 100% identically working code with original gspca)

>The third is the abuse of header files to add webcam-specific code.
>Header files should be used for function declarations, but NOT for
>function implementations, especially when these implementations are
>more than one line.  The current .h files should be separated into .h
>and .c files so the .c files can be compiled into their own object
>files and then linked together to produce the gspca module.

It is not "code quality" problem. It is only "code style" issue.

>If we must continue to support v4l version 1, then we can use a method
>like the ov511 people chose: mainline what you can and keep the
>decompressor available out of the mainline for those who need it.

In my opinion the basic problems connected with low speed of transition from v4l1 to v4l2 
just are connected by that decompressor now should is in userspace libraries, however it 
creates the certain problems with backward compatibility. 
In this case I consider your offer reasonable.

>If you strongly feel the gspca driver should not be mainlined, please
>explain why.

Denver, I believe that by the current moment nor gspca nor similar subsystems in the mainline kernel 
have no harmonous, transparent general architecture or model of such architecture. 
Entering gspca a code in a kernel in the present kind in my opinion prematurely.

Serge A. Suchkov
Don't look back, the lemmings are gaining on you.

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