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Re: [Spca50x-devs] SN9C201 + HV131R

On 5/26/07, Randall Nortman <spca50x@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Trying to get a snazzy new Dino Lite USB digital microscope from AnMo
> (aka BigC) running under Linux.  I've gotten far enough to know that
> it's an SN9C201 bridge and an HV131R sensor...

Do you mean HV7131R?

> ..., vendor 0xa168 and product
> 0x0610.  I've added this to spcaDetectCamera:
>          case 0xa168:
>            spca50x->desc = DinoLite;
>            spca50x->bridge = BRIDGE_SN9CXXX;
>            spca50x->sensor = SENSOR_HV7131R;
>            break;
> Along with relevant entries in the data structures at the top of the
> file.  So that gets me far enough that the driver recognizes the
> device, but trying to open /dev/video0 gives me this error in dmesg:
> "Sensor sn9c102P Not found Contact mxhaard@xxxxxxx".

The line before that in dmesg should be "Find Sensor x y z".  Can you
post the values you get for x, y, and z?

> Presumably I
> need to specify something in the "customid", "i2c_ctrl_reg", and
> "i2c_base" fields of the spca50x structure, but I have no idea what to
> put there.  There isn't any mention of SN9C201 in the code anywhere,
> and I see that it's been asked about on this list before, so I'm out
> of things to try.
> However, I'll offer my services as a developer/tester in getting this
> thing running, except I don't know where to start.  Suggestions
> appreciated.

To see how a camera works, it helps to have the sequence of register
reads/writes that Windows uses.  This can be done using the Windows
USB Sniffer (http://usbsnoop.sourceforge.net/) or other USB sniffing
utilities.  Someone please respond if you know of a better (or more
standard one) to help with writing a GSPCA driver.

There are some resources at the bottom of
http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html that should help you out with the
USB sniffing stuff.


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