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[Spca50x-devs] SN9C201 + HV131R

Trying to get a snazzy new Dino Lite USB digital microscope from AnMo
(aka BigC) running under Linux.  I've gotten far enough to know that
it's an SN9C201 bridge and an HV131R sensor, vendor 0xa168 and product
0x0610.  I've added this to spcaDetectCamera:

         case 0xa168:
           spca50x->desc = DinoLite;
           spca50x->bridge = BRIDGE_SN9CXXX;
           spca50x->sensor = SENSOR_HV7131R;

Along with relevant entries in the data structures at the top of the
file.  So that gets me far enough that the driver recognizes the
device, but trying to open /dev/video0 gives me this error in dmesg:
"Sensor sn9c102P Not found Contact mxhaard@xxxxxxx".  Presumably I
need to specify something in the "customid", "i2c_ctrl_reg", and
"i2c_base" fields of the spca50x structure, but I have no idea what to
put there.  There isn't any mention of SN9C201 in the code anywhere,
and I see that it's been asked about on this list before, so I'm out
of things to try.

However, I'll offer my services as a developer/tester in getting this
thing running, except I don't know where to start.  Suggestions



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