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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Fwd: webcam recognized by driver but freeze the apps

> Hello Emmanuel
> Replace the code in spca50x_create_sysfs() with this one:
> static int
> spca50x_create_sysfs(struct video_device *vdev)
> {
>        video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_stream_id);
>        video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_model);
>        video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_pictsetting);
>      return 0;
> }
> and it should be possible to compile.

Thanks for the hint but static int is already in the code.

Part of gspca_core.c :

static CLASS_DEVICE_ATTR(pictsetting, S_IRUGO, show_pictsetting, NULL);
static int
spca50x_create_sysfs(struct video_device *vdev)
	int rc;

	rc = video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_stream_id);
	if (rc) goto err_stream_id;
	rc = video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_model);
	if (rc) goto err_model;
	rc = video_device_create_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_pictsetting);
	if (rc) goto err_pictsetting;

	return 0;

	video_device_remove_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_model);
	video_device_remove_file(vdev, &class_device_attr_stream_id);
	return rc;

Should be sthg else.

> Should be good enough to see if your cam is working, now.
Yes,i definitely want to see my cam working.

> Have fun :-)
> Thomas

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