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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Fwd: webcam recognized by driver but freeze the apps

Le Mercredi 25 Avril 2007 14:23, emmanuel simonnet a écrit :
> Hi
> i post again as i still don't have found a solution or even a clue.
> Sorry to insist
You are welcome to insist I just see in your log the AlternatSetting 13 :) 
The problem come the detection of the alternate setting this webcam report 13 
alternate but after 8 This result of garbage in the iso stream :( 
We need this automatic detection of alternate specilly for USB2.0 webcam as a 
workaround i will ATM detect if the camera model is a spca561 and then switch 
a limit to the alt setting
> Emmanuel
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> Subject: [Spca50x-devs] webcam recognized by driver but freeze the apps
> Date: samedi 31 mars 2007 08:40
> From: emmanuel simonnet <manusim1@xxxxxxx>
> To: spca50x-devs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi
> I have a no-brand webcam id 04fc:0561 recognized as a Sunplus Flexcam
> 100.As this type of cam is in the list of cams supported by the driver,i
> installed gspca on my system (Mandriva 2007.0 kernel 2.6.17-5).
> The cam is recognized by the driver (spca561) but every app i tried freeze.
> The output of spcaview looks like it takes only 2 frames and wait.
> I join the output of var/log/messages with debug=4.
> Any help to solve this pb would be appreciated.If you need any other info
> or test,just ask
> Thanks
> Emmanuel
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Michel Xhaard

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