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[Spca50x-devs] Skinteck SnakeCam [093a:260f]

After some resting in a drawer, by chance I tested today again my Skinteck SnakeCam [093a:260f] against T. Kaiser's last "snapshot" gpsca driver (http://www.kaiser-linux.li/index.php?title=PAC7311 ).

My cam claims to be:

ID 093a:260f Pixart Imaging, Inc.

I modified slightly the gspca_core.c, adding the ID of my cam, i.e.  093a:260f, and the proper case switch.
It seems to work "as well as" Thomas' own camera that i see in his page, I mean "big pixels", pretty fast (~ 20 fps) and apparently no delays, and the only control that work (in a positive way) is the colour slider.
Thanks Thomas, very nice job! For a quick (10 minutes) test I'm really satisfied, and tomorrow I'm going to test it deeper.
Just for adding my 2 cent to the Pixart taxonomy ...
GD aka fiamazo

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