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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Fwd: Some more news about PAC7311

Hello Denver

Denver Gingerich wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Thanks for all the work you're doing on this; it's really great to see
> this kind of progress on the driver.
> I tried out the latest driver on your page and it works ok the first
> time I use an app on the camera (camorama starts immediately and ends
> immediately), but the second time I use the camera, it takes 10
> seconds from the time I tell camorama to exit until the time it
> returns me back to the command prompt.  After that, when I try to
> start camorama, it says "Could not connect to video device
> (/dev/video0)."  If I rmmod the module and insmod it again, then I get
> the same problem.  See the attached dmesg output for details.  It's
> annotated with the commands I used.  It seems like the interesting
> error messages are "[gspca_set_isoc_ep:894] Set interface err -75" and
> "[spca5xx_open:1934]  DEALLOC error on init_Isoc".  I think those are
> related to the problem.
I don't see this on my system. I run the cam with camorama and spcaview 
for several days on my 32Bit and 64Bit boxes. Sometimes after closing 
either application I could not connect to the cam again. I then just 
unplugged it and replugged again and everything worked again.
Anyway I will keep a eye on this.
> The only way I've found to get the camera working again is to reboot
> my system.  It seems like the driver causes something strange to
> happen in the kernel so the kernel doesn't work right with the driver
> until you reboot.
I did almost never reboot the box the last 2 weeks during the 
development. Means I don't see these problem here.
> When I do see a picture on the screen, it's fairly dark and seems to
> be in black and white, but I can fix it a bit by adjusting the
> contrast.  Also, the picture seems to be flashing rapidly, which I
> think might be caused by my incandescent lightbulbs (I've heard this
> can be a problem with webcams if they are synchronized with the
> electrical frequency of the lightbulbs; being in North America, this
> is 60Hz for me).
Same here, the picture is quite dark. Try to play with the Color slider, 
it looks like this is white balance instead of color settings. And the 
Windoz driver is lowering the pixelclock in dark environment which makes 
the picture brighter  and the framerate worse.
The flashing has something to do with the decoding, part of the frames 
are not always correct decoded I think.
> Also, I had to make a minor change to gspca_core.c to get my camera to
> work (since it's PCI ID 093a:260e).  You added my PCI ID to the switch
> statement (thanks very much), but it's not in the device_table struct.
> Could you please add it?  I've attached a patch that will do that.
> Also, you may want to add PCI ID 093a:2600, which you handle in the
> switch statement but haven't put in the device_table struct.
Yes, I forgot this, sorry.
> Let me know if you have any comments or questions about any of this.
> I'd be happy to do more testing if you tell me what to test.  Thanks
> for all your work on this!
We have to find out why we get a darker picture as in Windoz. And why 
the decoded picture is somehow pixeled. Maybe the darker picture has 
also something to do with JPEG decoding (wrong quantization table)?



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