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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Fwd: Some more news about PAC7311

Le Mardi 24 Avril 2007 04:47, Denver Gingerich a écrit :
> I sent my test results directly to Thomas, but on second thought, it's
> probably best for the whole list to hear about them in case anyone is
> having similar results with Thomas' latest driver.  See below for
> details.
> Denver

> I tried out the latest driver on your page and it works ok the first
> time I use an app on the camera (camorama starts immediately and ends
> immediately), but the second time I use the camera, it takes 10
> seconds from the time I tell camorama to exit until the time it
> returns me back to the command prompt.  After that, when I try to
> start camorama, it says "Could not connect to video device
> (/dev/video0)."  If I rmmod the module and insmod it again, then I get
> the same problem.  See the attached dmesg output for details.  It's
> annotated with the commands I used.  It seems like the interesting
> error messages are "[gspca_set_isoc_ep:894] Set interface err -75" and
> "[spca5xx_open:1934]  DEALLOC error on init_Isoc".  I think those are
> related to the problem.
Can you try to plug your webcam on another usb socket ? These errors come from 
the usb layer, just to be sure this is not a hardware problem on your Linux 
Michel Xhaard

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