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[Spca50x-devs] Driver for Sonix (0x0c45 0x62c0)?

I've recently bought an HP Pavilion DV6242 with a built-in webcam.
This webcam is a Sonix (0x0c45 0x62c0), and according to this page 
(http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca5xx.html) it should work with the Uvcvideo 
drivers as it's based on a sn9c211 processor. Actually, there is nothing 
about sn9c211 on the Sonix website.
In fact, it seems to be based on sn9c201 and not on sn9c211. I tried to use 
the sn9c201 driver on Windows and it worked correctly contrary to the 
uvcvideo driver on Linux (Ubuntu Feisty), which doesn't work at all.
Nevertheless, i've found out on this thread 
that sn9c201 webcams don't work with the uvcvideo driver, but it will 
probably be supported by your driver soon.

So what do you think about my webcam? 

My lsusb --v : http://pastebin.com/898343

Thank you.


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