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Re: [Spca50x-devs] Modifying settings for 0c45:613b

Hello Matt

Matthew Armsby wrote:
> Hiya,
> I have a "Delux DLV-B01" webcam, identified by lsusb as:
> 0c45:613b Microdia

I don't own such a device

> The inf file for the windows drivers has the comment SN9C120 + OV7660 
> next to the matching id.

So, it should have these bridge and sensor inside.

> This agrees with the settings in the spcaDetectCamera function in 
> gspca_core.c for 0c45:613b, identified by "Sonix0x613b", described as 
> "Surfer model sn-206", though I don't know how to confirm the settings 
> of i2c_ctrl_reg & i2c_base.

Do you have some init sequence for the sensor in your .inf file?

> However, the driver doesn't appear to work: when an application accesses 
> the video what I get is the webcam's light coming on but the application 
> stops.  I've been using VLC and Camorama Webcam Viewer to test settings. 
> I'm testing on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), kernel release 2.6.17-10-generic, 
> with the gspcav release gspcav1-20070110.tar.gz.

At least the driver talks with your cam ;-)

> I've been using http://spca50x.sourceforge.net/spca50x.php?page=faq 
> <http://spca50x.sourceforge.net/spca50x.php?page=faq> as a guide for 
> trying to get things working, though I'm not sure how accurate this is 
> anymore.

Should be still ok, I think.

> I have used a couple of USB sniffers.
> Sniff-usb 0.13 doesn't work in XP Professional for me.  
> SnoopyPro 0.22 works, but the log file is useless to the perl script 
> (usbfilter.pl) in the tools section at spca50x.sourceforge.net 
> <http://spca50x.sourceforge.net> (no output or file created)

Try usbsnoop, this is the preferred snoop tool. 

> However, by manually reading a snoop I get pretty much the same as is 
> set in sn9cxxx.h as ov7660_sensor_init.  When there's been a few values 
> different, I've replaced that entry.  When a line is not mentioned, I've 
> added a line (also tested without these extra lines).
> At the end of this, it still hangs applications.

Looks like your cam is similar to the one already in gspca.

> What should I be doing now?

Load the gspca module with debug=5 and you get lots of debug information 
in kern.log. (sudo modprobe -r gspca; sudo modprobe gspca debug=5 and 
plug your cam)

> (And some bonus questions if anyone has the time:
> 1. How can I confirm the i2c_ctrl_reg/i2c_base settings?

When you run gspca with debug=5 you should see all the i2c messages in 
the log. Compare it with the snoop from windows?

> 2. Is there a more current guide to adding a webcam?

I don't know :-(

> 3. Is there a better test application? (where has SPCAView gone?)
> )


> I have 2 cameras to test with (being used for a stereo vision project). 
> If I can't solve this I may buy another to send off :)
> Other users on this mailing list with the same cam:
> 06/2006:
> Qwen Dux appears to be having a problem, no reply.
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=19040717
> Thank-you,
> Matt

Hope this will help you



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