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[Spca50x-devs] Modifying settings for 0c45:613b

I have a "Delux DLV-B01" webcam, identified by lsusb as:
0c45:613b Microdia

The inf file for the windows drivers has the comment SN9C120 + OV7660 next to the matching id.

This agrees with the settings in the spcaDetectCamera function in gspca_core.c for 0c45:613b, identified by "Sonix0x613b", described as "Surfer model sn-206", though I don't know how to confirm the settings of i2c_ctrl_reg & i2c_base.

However, the driver doesn't appear to work: when an application accesses the video what I get is the webcam's light coming on but the application stops.  I've been using VLC and Camorama Webcam Viewer to test settings. I'm testing on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), kernel release 2.6.17-10-generic, with the gspcav release gspcav1-20070110.tar.gz.

I've been using http://spca50x.sourceforge.net/spca50x.php?page=faq as a guide for trying to get things working, though I'm not sure how accurate this is anymore.

I have used a couple of USB sniffers.
Sniff-usb 0.13 doesn't work in XP Professional for me.  
SnoopyPro 0.22 works, but the log file is useless to the perl script (usbfilter.pl) in the tools section at spca50x.sourceforge.net (no output or file created)
However, by manually reading a snoop I get pretty much the same as is set in sn9cxxx.h as ov7660_sensor_init.  When there's been a few values different, I've replaced that entry.  When a line is not mentioned, I've added a line (also tested without these extra lines).
At the end of this, it still hangs applications.

What should I be doing now?

(And some bonus questions if anyone has the time:
1. How can I confirm the i2c_ctrl_reg/i2c_base settings?
2. Is there a more current guide to adding a webcam?
3. Is there a better test application? (where has SPCAView gone?)

I have 2 cameras to test with (being used for a stereo vision project). If I can't solve this I may buy another to send off :)

Other users on this mailing list with the same cam:
Qwen Dux appears to be having a problem, no reply.

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