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[Spca50x-devs] VIDIOCMCAPTURE buffer

maybe my question is not sophisticated enough, on the other hand I think I am posting it at the right place here.

I have a little problem with some of the cameras I have ever tried to use with the latest gspca.ko kernel module.
The cameras are: Logitech QuickCam Express II (0x046d:0928), Creative Webcam NoteBook (0x0572:0x0041) and Logitech QC for Notebook Deluxe (0x046d:0x08d8) .

I tried to use a "Helix producer" application which is programmed for V4L1 API. Its main aim is to make a video stream and send it towards the streaming server.

The problem is this, that for latter two cameras it will never work and I am curious why? Seems to me that the capture buffer VIDIOCMCAPTURE is not somehow implemented into the driver the cameras use. I think there is no backward compatibility between V4L1 and V4L2 APIs implemented. Is that true? How can I make it work?

This is what the "producer" really produces :o) :

Producer failed to enode with the following message:
Error: Could not set image size to XXxXX for color format I420 (15) 
Warning: Capture Buffer is empty at -1470963638ms for last 61 times
Warning: Capture Buffer is empty at -1470963638ms for last 61 times
Warning: Capture Buffer is empty at -1470963638ms for last 61 times

I have to say, that I also tried a TV card based on the CX2388 chip with the module CX8800 and it doesn't work in the same fashion as gspca does.

The only device to work with producer is the Logitech QC Express II (0x046d:0928) for me now.

Can you hint me or help me please?
Thanks for the reply.


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