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[Samba] Desktop icons disappear after shutting down Samba

It seems that I am having a plethora of troubles after image restoring a Windows 7 domain
member from backup.

After doing so, whenever samba shuts down (which it does nightly for backup) the restored
Windows 7 workstaion loses all desktop icons. If the user logs out and back in, the icons
reappear. Often the reappeared icons are all shifted to the left side of the screen and the
user has to reposition them.

I've just tried removing this workstation from the domain and readding it. That didn't help.

The last time this happened I had to wipe the user's drive and reinstall Windows and all
applications from scratch. I really don't want to to that again.

Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this and how to fix it?

THX --Mark

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