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Re: [Samba] python dist-utils and python-config [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

On 28/05/2019 08:41, Thamm, Russell via samba wrote:
What do you mean 'UNOFFICIAL' ?

I'm trying to build samba-latest on CentOS 7. The PC is not online, so I have to download everything manually.
Most of the prerequisites are on the CentOS Everything ISO so I don't have to download a lot.

If you mean 'https://download.samba.org/pub/samba/stable/samba-4.10.4.tar.gz' as samba-latest, then you can build this with python2

To build Samba with python2 you *must* set the 'PYTHON' environment variable for both the 'configure' and 'make' steps, i.e.

  'PYTHON=python2 ./configure'
  'PYTHON=python2 make'

I installed all the documented dependencies and configure complained about python3.

So I downloaded and installed


and now I get (./configure)

:DistUtils not installed? Broken python installation? Get python-config now.

I tried to find dist-utils. All I could find was:


This is apparently not what is required, because configure still gives me the same error.

I've had even less luck looking for python-config.

Can anyone tell me what else I need to install?

Alternately, what is the latest version of SAMBA 4 that will build with the documented prerequisites(ie not using python 3)?

There have been a few posts on this very topic recently, try searching the samba-mailing list archives, but it basically boils down to using the python3 variants of any python dependences previously used.


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