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[Samba] Unable to do Remote Desktop Connection after restore

I've noticed a correlation the past several time I've restored a Windows 7 workstation ...

After doing an image restore (using Acronis) to a Windows 7 domain member, the restored
computer boots fine and authenticates with AD credentials fine. But is no longer able to
accept RDC connections. The remote system properties are set to allow remote connections, but
those settings are controlled by Group Policy.

After 3-4 days, remote connections can once again be established. I'm thinking there must be
some security "ticket" (Kerberos?) that a domain member must have set and that when a system
restore happens, the 'current' ticket is lost and replaced with an older one, which doesn't

I've see Samba log notices where Linux domain member computers (not the users) attempt to
"authenticate" periodically. Perhaps the Windows domain members do the same thing?

If any of this speculation is true (not necessarily in the details), is there something I can
do to speed up renewal of the ticket (or whatever) so remote connections can be reestablished
in less than 3-4 days?

THX --Mark

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