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Re: [Samba] Samba4 - Evolution


All the infrastructure is mostly there to implement the 2016 schema
support required to get a 2016 DC to join at our existing functional
level. There needs to be testing and work to make sure it actually
works, but the reality is that there still isn't that much of a push to
get it working. I think people just end up joining a previous version of
Windows to join against, which they remove from the domain afterwards.

There are a number of Kerberos features (and other security features)
that need to be implemented (or even refused) before we can even begin
to pretend that we're a 2012 functional level DC. There is some
reasonable interest in getting parts of this working, but still, as of
right now, no one is working on it. It's a complicated set of features
that will take time and input to implement, and unless there is a
dedicated engineer (or rather multiple), progress will be very slow. The
jump then to 2016 is perhaps not as wide from what I've seen, but it
needs to be properly investigated.



On 28/05/19 2:20 AM, Julien TEHERY via samba wrote:
> Hi there,
> AFIK, win2008 will go EOL the 14th january of 2020 and i would like to
> ask you some questions about samba4 future.
> - As today we are able to join 2012 servers into a samba >4.6 domain,
> is it possible to join 2016 servers (i guess no, I never tried). If
> not will it be possible in samba's next releases (is it allready
> planned?)
> - I'm not an AD expert but in the same way, will samba4 (or samba5 !)
> be able to emulate win2k12 DCs or directly win2016 DCs one day (not in
> 10 years i hope !)

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