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Re: [Samba] ldapsam cannot find NT password hash

On 27/05/2019 00:57, David Kowis via samba wrote:
On 5/26/19 6:42 PM, David Kowis via samba wrote:
Is there a way to specify things by setting them to empty? I can't
delete the entries, because FreeNAS auto-generates this file on boot
from it's configuration database, but I can append to the end and
include stuff that overrides the existing setup....
I figured out how to get rid of a lot of the PDC stuff that FreeNAS was

actual smb.conf:

It's got a lot less stuff in there now. I still see it searching LDAP
for a Domain, which is not what I want it to do. I guess maybe because I
have a domain entry in ldap, it's going to search for it no matter what?
I wouldn't expect that, but I'm not sure what's telling it to search for
a domain:
[2019/05/26 18:54:30.376438,  2]
   smbldap_search_domain_info: Searching

It finds one of course, but still.

The entire logs from server startup to where I tried to connect to a
fileshare :(

-- David

I think you need to talk to the freenas people, you need some way to set up the smb.conf in a way that it isn't overwritten.


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