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Re: [Samba] ldapsam cannot find NT password hash

On 26/05/2019 16:03, David Kowis via samba wrote:
Most of this is generated by FreeNAS's gui, so I'll have to figure out
how to override it. I know where the file is, but I don't know if
changes I make to it will actually stick, but that's for a different
forum :)
I think I can gues which ;-)

Just curious, since I appear to be running a PDC, is there a way to have
a standalone samba server, and just get the user/password information
from LDAP without doing all the domain stuff? That's actually what I'd
like to do. I don't need a domain controller.

I sort of thought you didn't

Try this:

remove 'security = user' which will make it 'security = auto'

Change these:

    domain logons = yes
    server role = member server


    domain logons = no
    server role = standalone server

This should get you a standalone server with users in LDAP.

I must point out that I have never tried the above, but it should work.


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