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Re: [Samba] Revit problems

On 22/05/2019 15:51, Gabriel O. Franca via samba wrote:
Good morning people,

I try to create a master file on a samba share (Linux server, serving files via the Samba protocol).

I have write-access on the folder and saving a 'normal' revit file works perfectly.

However, when I try to save a master file (checking the checkbox in options), I get the error:

Unable to write, it is read only or opened by somebody else.

"Encountered hardware I / O error while accessing M: \ ... \ deltas.dat"

I am using samba 4.9.4 in Centos 7.6

netbios name = SRVDC01
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
log level = 1
idmap config *: backend = tdb
idmap config *: range = 3000-7999
idmap config *: backend = tdb
idmap config *: range = 3000-7999
username map = /opt/samba/etc/user.map
server role = active directory domain controller
server services = s3fs, rpc, nbt, wrepl, ldap, cldap, kdc, drepl, winbindd, ntp_signd, kcc, dnsupdate
workgroup = CENTRA
idmap_ldb: use rfc2307 = yes
ldap server require strong auth = no

vfs objects = recycle, acl_xattr, acl_tdb
        map acl inherit = Yes
        store of attributes = Yes
sync always = yes
strict sync = yes
        recycle: keeptree = yes
        recycle: versions = yes
        recycle: repository = / data / trash /% U
        recycle: exclude = * .tmp, * .log, * .obj, ~ *. *, * .bak, * .iso
        recycle: exclude_dir = tmp, cache

        path = / data / revit
        read only = no
        browseable = yes
        oplocks = False
        level2 oplocks = False
create mask = 2770
        force create mode = 2770
        directory mask = 2770
        force directory mode = 2770


Gabriel Franca

Sorry, but you cannot use a Samba AD DC like that, remove everything you added to the smb.conf that the provision created and then go and read this:



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