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Re: [Samba] Fw: Btrfs Samba and Quotas


>> In my impression: Yes. Also, this problem seems to affect also zfs and
> I'm mostly interested in the claim that ZFS is affected.
> I haven't followed this thread carefully, but what exactly is the problem we're
> talking about, and how do we know it impacts ZFS?
> [Something more than a single one-liner in that bug report?]

Indeed, I only find that one line. I can try to find out.

> Is the extent of the issue that quotas won't work, while enforced from Samba
> against a ZFS volume?
> Can someone perhaps enlighten me? :)

The explaination is:

> That's because the concept of a btrfs "subvolume" completely
> breaks the POSIX idioms that smbd depends on.

And wouldn't that also be applicable to zfs?

 At least I hope you can understand why some bug reports seem to take forever to get fixed, it is all down to priorities, the highest  priority ones get fixed first,

Yes, I understand that.

> What I was trying to say was (and failing, it would seem), this is a two way street
> and if OMV cannot/will not help you, then it is hard to fix,

What is OMV specific here? Isn't the problem fully included already in linux (=kernel) and samba?

> especially now that Jeremy has pointed out that it cannot be fixed as is. Now this
> doesn't mean it can never be fixed, throw enough money and man hours at it
> and a workaround can probably be found

Here, I could imagine that linking with linux-btrfs would be worthwhile.

> but this would undoubtedly entail OMV getting involved

Why? OMV merely writes the smb.conf...


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