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Re: [Samba] self compiled 4.10.3 replication failure.

On Mon, 20 May 2019, Tom Diehl via samba wrote:

So what happens when 4.11 is released? The release notes clearly state that
4.11 will not have python2 support. Doing as you suggest only kicks the can
down the road. My gut feeling is if I am going to stay with python2 I might as well stay with 4.9. Honestly I would rather get this sorted out sooner than
later unless of course someone from the samba team says I am wasting my time.

Hi Tom, Yes, that's a very legitimate opinion: I'm only kicking the can (python2) as far as I can because that 'can' is native to RHEL7. When 4.11 gets released, if I still want to run on RHEL7, I'll probably have to ditch those builds and join the python3-builds that Niko Kadel-Garcia and a few others are producing -or- upgrade to RHEL8 (to consume native python3 there). I wonder which of the two might be the lesser of those two evils.. :)

Different strokes for different folks suppose. :-)

Given that I have been running self compiled versions of samba in production
since 4.7.0 I am inclined to continue down that road. I agree that rpms might
be better but ansible does a great job ensuring I build all of my DC's the same
way each and every time.

IMHO, the best solution to a problem is that which works best for the user. So if life without packages is what's best for you, then godspeed to you. :)

On a side note, looking at the dicussions from those past few weeks, one can hardly say that el7/centos7 is a minor platform for Samba. I think we've seen at least 4 or 5 different teams/people building samba on those linux distros and using receipes of their own. :)

Long live diversity, :)

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