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Re: [Samba] Fw: Btrfs Samba and Quotas

On 20/05/2019 19:47, Hendrik Friedel wrote:

You posted this:
I am using Openmediavault (debian based NAS distribution), which is not actively supporting btrfs
It is this that I was referring to.
Ah, yes.
OMV intended to move to btrfs as the only choice with the next version. In order to pave the way, I intended to be an early adopter. The problem I report here, that there is good reason to.
For you perhaps, but if OMV will not help, well......
What do you mean? [there was a 'shows' missing. It shoult have read 'shows that there is good reas on to']

What I was trying to say was (and failing, it would seem), this is a two way street and if OMV cannot/will not help you, then it is hard to fix, especially now that Jeremy has pointed out that it cannot be fixed as is. Now this doesn't mean it can never be fixed, throw enough money and man hours at it and a workaround can probably be found, but this would undoubtedly entail OMV getting involved .
That sort of says a lot, if it was that big a problem and multiple users were complaining, then it probably would get fixed, but there are only so many developers and they have only so much time available to fix things and add new features, so the most important things get fixed first. We do, however, accept patches to fix things, so perhaps you can get together with OMV and fix it from your end ;-)
I fear, that's beyond my skills.

Well, I did my best.

 At least I hope you can understand why some bug reports seem to take forever to get fixed, it is all down to priorities, the highest  priority ones get fixed first, unless one annoys a user enough that they put their hand in their pocket and they pay someone to get it fixed.


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