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Re: [Samba] SRV records.

On 19/05/2019 01:53, A.James Lewis via samba wrote:
I think you are missing the point...
No, you never gave us the point, this is the first time you said that your computers are actually in a 'site'
the windows sysadmins have set up
sites, but they are blaming slow logins on Samba not correctly
interpreting the site and trying to contact a remote DC in a different
site... so I need to know how the DC communicates the site information
to the client.

They communicate just the same as a Windows clients, so if you have slow logins, then I suggest you check that your clients are actually set up to use the DC(s) in the site as their nameserver.

Try reading this:


It should help you understand sites better, but from the Samba point of view it requires updating, as you now can use samba-tool instead of ADUC.


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