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Re: [Samba] SRV records.

On 18/05/2019 22:43, A. James Lewis via samba wrote:
I'm sure the Windows admins have set up the "Sites" as required... but
when trying to resolve issues with logon, the Windows admins are
assuming that Samba doesn't support "sites" and blaming that for the
issue... so, I'm hoping someone will tell me how the client determines
the correct site, and the AD controllers in that site, and ultimately if
Samba/Winbind should support it.  Obviously also anything we might be
doing which would cause it not to work.

Unless you have asked them to set up sites, all your domain computers will be in the 'Default-First-Site-Name' site. A 'site' will need to be created and then all your computers moved into this site. Samba does support sites and it works the same way as on Windows, so just tell your Windows sysadmins to forget the Linux bit and set AD as if they were all Windows computers.

Depending on what version your Windows DC's are, it might just be easier to join a Samba DC to the domain and do it yourself.


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