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Re: [Samba] SRV records.

On 18/05/2019 16:35, A. James Lewis via samba wrote:
I have control only over the Winbind client, not over the AD server... so  I need to ask, is "sites" something set up on the AD side?... and since you suggest that DNS impacts this, are you saying that the "sites" parameter is encoded in the DNS values?... Do i need to ensure that the host is querying an AD DNS directly, or will it still work if the DNS is relayed via another local DNS server?

If you are going to use 'sites', you are going to need control over the AD DC to create a new site :-(

Basically a site would contain one DC (at least) and various clients, these clients would use the DC in the site for authentication etc, unless the DC goes down, at which point the clients would use any DC in the domain. Sites are usually used for locations that are in separate places, this can be different buildings or countries.

Domain clients use dns to locate DC's and will try to use the most relevant one, but this may not be the one you want it to use. By default, all domain members & DC's are in the same 'site', so a client can & will use any DC it finds.

Sounds like you need to talk to your Windows sysadmin, they will know and understand the above, if they don't, then it is time for a new Windows sysadmin ;-)


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