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Re: [Samba] password server not sending authentication requests to a specified DC

On 15/05/2019 09:08, LOKO MESO Michel wrote:
Yes, our DCs are equal but we added a new one that will only be used by the server where samba is installed.

This is where it gets difficult, I get the feeling that the original DC's are Windows DC's, not that this matters.

By default, All domain members (including DC's) are in the 'Default-First-Site-Name' site and you cannot decide which DC to use, any of the DC's in the site will be used.

You can create a new site and move the Samba DC to this, then move the required domain clients to the same site. Now, by default, the clients in the site will use the Samba DC, unless it goes down, at which point any DC will be used.

Can I suggest an internet search on 'active directory sites'


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