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Re: [Samba] "getent passwd" works, "getent passwd username" does not

On 15/05/2019 08:20, Neil Price via samba wrote:
On 2019/05/14 21:30, Rowland penny via samba wrote:

getent passwd GIBB\\nprice

(returns nothing)

Now that is weird, it is usually 'getent password' returns nothing ;-)

Just one thought, because '\n' is a linefeed, it might just be that, so try <getent password 'GIBB\nprice'>

Nothing. I think maybe a fresh install Windows style is needed?

Does it affect the use of the computer ?

Can the user login, or connect to a share ?

if root creates a file, can its ownership be changed with 'chown' ?

IF everything else is working, I would tend to ignore it, the OS definitely knows your user.

I would be a lot more concerned if this was happening with every user, you could also try upgrading Samba to 4.9.x


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