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Re: [Samba] debian 10: errors with my server samba-ad

On 14/05/2019 10:58, nathalie ramat wrote:

My user must be able to connect under windows and under linux. The home is common. Their home is on the server.

This is easy

Like there are students - they are identified by their formation( group) and by their login

for example /home/specifique/testlundi

For me the etudiant belong to a group  and i have create each group on OU
Then you MUST use the winbind 'ad' backend and set smb.conf to use the info stored in AD.

and i take the last number for sid group for gidnumber - it was to find out which group he belonged to - It's not a good idea ?

Definitely not, SID's start at '1000' and so do the Unix ID's, this means that you cannot have any local Unix users. There is also the problem of Domain Users, its RID is '513' and all your users and groups must have Unix ID's (set by uidNumber & gidNumber attributes in AD) inside the range you set in smb.conf

on my smb.conf on the server i put

    read only = no

Actually - i can't put my client linux in my ad.
net ads join -S nameofsever -U administrator --> doestn't give my response -- It wait  ...

You shouldn't need the '-S' option, so is your DNS set up correctly ?
my client linux smb.conf is

    security =ADS
    workgroup =LENZSPITZE2
    netbios name = testbugsterl
    winbind separator = /
    winbind enum users = yes
    winbind enum groups = yes
Once you get everything working, remove the two lines above, you only need them for testing purposes.
    idmap config LENZSPITZE2 : backend = ad
    idmap config LENZSPITZE2 : schema_mode =rfc2307
    idmap config LENZSPITZE2 : range = 10000-399999999

Hmm, your lowest ID is probably the one from Domain Users '513', which is less than '10000', this isn't going to work. I would change the uidNumber & gidNumber attributes in AD to match the above range.

    idmap config LENZSPITZE2 : unix_nss_info = yes
    template homedir =/etudiants/%U
    template shell =/bin/bash
Remove the two lines above, for what you want to do, you must obtain this information from AD
    winbind nss info = rfc2307
You do not require the line above
    kerberos method =  secrets and keytab
    dedicated keytab file =/etc/krb5.keytab
    winbind refresh tickets =yes
    username map = /etc/samba/samba_usermapping
    winbind use default domain = yes
    log file =/var/log/samba/log.%m
    log level = 3
# for acl support on members servers with shares
    vfs object = acl_xattr
    map acl inherit = yes
    store dos attributes = yes
    winbind nss info = rfc2307

You still don't need the line above ;-)


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