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Re: [Samba] Btrfs Samba and Quotas


But at least we can determine if samba is utilizing btrfs quota by:
# btrfs qgroup show -prce <btrfs mount point>
btrfs qgroup show -prce /srv/DataPool1/Dokumente/Hendrik/
ERROR: can't list qgroups: quotas not enabled

 May 12 09:34:06 homeserver smbd[4116]:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for
 path [.]!

Not sure what the sys_path_to_bdev() is, but since btrfs has
multi-device support, bdev from btrfs doesn't make much sense compared
to other single device filesystem.
I read, that the same problem exists for ZFS.

Would you please describe the impact of above messages?
Does it cause samba mount read/write failure or something else?

I have not yet noticed any impact (Syslog is at 26MB now). I am also not using quota. Thus, I would not notice an impact due to quota problems.

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