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[Samba] osync on more than 3 DC's


I have a samba AD domain that I just added a 3rd DC to.
I am using the instructions at https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Bidirectional_Rsync/osync_based_SysVol_replication_workaround
to setup replication.

At the bottom of the page it says to do Something like:
DC1 <> DC2
DC1 <> DC3
DC1 <> DC4

If I delete the .osync dirs on all of the DC's, when I do the DC1 <> DC2
replication things work as advertised. When I do the DC1 <> DC3 replication,
the Sysvol on DC1 gets deleted.

After restoring the Sysvol on DC1, what I finally ended up doing was delete the .osync dirs on all of the DC's then replicate DC1 <> DC3
to get a copy of the Sysvol on the new DC and then replicate DC1 <> DC2.

Is deleting the Sysvol on DC1 when doing the first replication to DC3 expected
or am I missing something?

I then setup a cron job something like the following:
/usr/bin/osync.sh /etc/osync/sync-dc1-dc2.conf --silent && /usr/bin/osync.sh /etc/osync/sync-dc1-dc4.conf --silent
This seems to work.

Does this sound reasonable? Should I be doing something different?


Tom			me@xxxxxxxxxx

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