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[Samba] Incorrect Example in Samba User Management Documentation

Hi Samba documentation admins, one of the the examples given on this page https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/User_and_Group_management is incorrect and probably should be updated.

The snippet of code in question:

$ samba-tool user add fbaggins
   --random-password --use-username-as-cn
   --surname="Baggins" --given-name="Frodo"
   --initials=S --mail-address=fbaggins@SAM.DOMAIN.LOCAL.
   --company="Hobbiton Inc." --script-path=shire.bat
   --job-title="Goes there and back again"

This won't work as presented currently. As I rediscovered myself recently the --random-password switch is intended ONLY to be used to secure system accounts that perform background tasks. Whilst --random-password sets a random password, the chosen password is deliberately and on purpose not revealed to the end user. So it cannot be used to create user accounts for human beings as the example in the documentation currently suggests.

Stephen Ellwood

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