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Re: [Samba] username map with “security = ads”

Hi Louis!

-<| Quoting L.P.H. van Belle via samba <belle@xxxxxxxxx>, on Thursday, 2019-05-02 03:15:46 PM |>-
> Not tested, just brain farts ;-)
> Setup a member, Allow guest access.  ( in global : guest ok = yes ) 
> This allow local users to access the server ( not shares ) 
> On the shares 
> Deny "domain users" and/or authenticated users. 
> Allow the local group for local users. 

Not sure if I follow. Is this what you imagined:

    guest ok = yes
    valid users = @shareusers

? I’m not seeing any config option to reject access by all domain

> Not tested but technicaly is could work. 
> Which is almost the same as a standalone with and without user authentication. 

We’re testing the split config setup right now, let’s see how
this works out.


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