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Re: [Samba] Group policies are not applied

> > 
> OK, if you run this:
> samba-tool user create --help
> Under:
>   Credentials Options:
> You will find this:
>     -k KERBEROS, --kerberos=KERBEROS
>                         Use Kerberos
> What isn't obvious from that, is that 'KERBEROS' is actually 'yes'

Yes, i know that, seen it and always wondered what is meant buy KERBEROS. 
So uhm, no, this is totaly not obvious. 

Where does it say that KERBEROS == yes?? 
KERBEROS != yes 
KERBEROS ~= REALM (maybe, thats more obvious to me. ) 

Obvious may equal to Assumption, and you know Assumptions.. 
Assumption's are the start of all troubles..  
My previous boss always said that and he was always right, every assumption will go wrong.

So, if i may suggest, 

     -k yes, --kerberos=yes
            Use Kerberos (ticket) for authentication.

Now it's much better to understand for everyone.



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