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Re: [Samba] Windows clients require reboot once a day in order to access mapped drives

On Wed, 1 May 2019 11:24:18 +0200
Viktor Trojanovic via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> For the DC:
> /etc/samba/smb.conf
> --------------------
> [netlogon]
>          path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol/samdom.example.com/scripts
>          read only = No
>          write ok = Yes

Why have both ?

'write ok' is a synonym for writeable, which is an inverted synonym for
'read only', so what you really have is:
    read only = No
    read only = No

> For the domain member (krb5.conf same as on DC)
> /etc/samba/smb.conf
> -------------------
> [global]
>    winbind enum users  = yes
>    winbind enum groups = yes

You shouldn't really have the two lines above, they could slow your
computer down and they don't really do anything.


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