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Re: [Samba] User mapping/login issue - at least partially resolved

On 25/04/19 19:19, Rowland Penny wrote:

When you connect from Windows, you connect as a user. This user can be
a normal user or it could be the Windows 'Guest' user (if it isn't
turned off), Samba doesn't care. If 'map to guest = yes' is set in
smb.conf, then any unknown users will be mapped to the Unix guest user.
The unknown user could be called 'fred', or 'DOMAIN\fred', or 'Guest'(if
not turned off), they will all be mapped to the local Unix guest user
(usually 'nobody'). I hope you can see from this that the username
isn't important for allowing guest access, it is that the username must
not exist on the Samba server.

Earlier I said that access was working for local clients but that was not entirely correct.

It turns out that the person who did the upgrades to windows 10 on the local clients changed some of the workgroup entries so those clients were also unable to access shares.

While waiting for this to be fixed, I tried connecting using BENPARTS\xxx and it worked.

I am waiting to hear from any of the remote clients but it's a fair bet that this will work for them too. Watch this space.

Thanks for your help.


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