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[Samba] Renaming a domain computer

Well, this is interesting (to me, at least).

I joined a W10 machine to the domain (4.8/4.9.4 mix, I'm working on it),
then renamed it via "WMIC /node:<computer> computersystem where
name="<computer>" call rename name="<newname>".

Doing so changed the displayName, sAMAccountName, dNSHostName, and assorted
servicePrincipalNames, but did not change the dn, name, cn, or
distinguishedName on the computer object.

ADUC still shows the old name, but DNS registers the new name.  Does
anybody think there'd be any adverse effects to having mismatched cn and
sAMAccountName records, compared to leaving and rejoining??  I didn't check
objectSid before/after, so don't know if that changed as well.


Kris Lou
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