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Re: [Samba] Win10 cant connect to DomainController

Thank you Louis,
I have fixed it.

I had changed an hosts deny = 10.0.8. to hosts deny = 10.0.8.xx and only
reload the config. After restart samba-ad-dc i can connect to

On 23.04.19 15:41, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> Hai basti, 
> Few tips here you can check/try. 
> A know problem, this might happen if your primary dns and/or search dns are not correct when connected to the VPN. 
> See if you can use \\host.dnsdomain.tld\share and not \\host\share 
> Then test \\dnsdomain.tld\sysvol and \\dc.dnsdomain.tld\sysvol
> Last, if you trying to access through CNAME, you might have hit this bug. 
> https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/help/3181029/smb-file-server-share-access-is-unsuccessful-through-dns-cname-alias 
> Also what might be handy for us.
> OS and version? 
> Samba version? 
> And windows eventID's might help and post the eventID description also, yes i know, its german, thats ok. 
> Greetz, 
> Louis

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