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Re: [Samba] cutting corners (4.10.2 on el7.6)

Hi Garming,

Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me. I do happen to have two DC's and in my limited testing, 4.10.2 seems to function properly as an AD/DC on el7.6 with the packages I built. As I'm not using those DC's for file serving in a clustered setup, it is also my interpretation that I can do without ctdb (this one had a specific requirement for a higher version of a lib which I didn't have) for basic AD/DC functionality.

I've tested RSAT, drs replication, and basic functionality and that seems quite positive so far.

I've posted my rpms/srpms/spec files at: http://nova.polymtl.ca/~coyote/dist/samba/samba-4.10.2/RHEL7

Kind regards,


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On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, Garming Sam via samba wrote:


I don't think any of those matter for your use.

An older version of GnuTLS means we likely just use internally
implemented functions (which we are trying to deprecate though). I don't
know exactly what DMAPI is used for, but it's not a default
configuration and file server clustering doesn't have any relevance for
just an AD DC.



On 16/04/19 10:57 AM, Vincent S. Cojot via samba wrote:

Hi All,

I'm not well versed in the samba code base so I'm asking here.. :)
I only wanted to run a small AD/DC for my SOHO (1 spouse, 3 kids, 1
dog & 1 cat).

I've managed to build 4.10.2 on rhel7.6 with gnutls-3.3.29 and
(this required an updated cmocka, which in turn required an updated
cmake) but...

building without testsuite and without clustering (ctdb) allows
samba-4.10.2 to compile with this old python (2.7.5) and gnutls (3.3.29)

During the configure/rpmbuild phase, I noticed those messages:
No gnutls support for AEAD encryption
Building without DMAPI support: no suitable DMAPI library found
WARNING: ans1Parser hasn't been found! Please install it (e.g.

I wonder if these might be 'impactful'.. Would someone enlighten me on
what purpose those serve? (i.e: is it a show-stopper?)
Also, I've had to build without 'clustering' (ctdb) support.. is that
a big issue?




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