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Re: [Samba] Samba 4.8.11 for rhel7/centos7 rpms

On Thu, 11 Apr 2019, Sérgio Basto wrote:

Do we need cmocka ? what for ?

This isn't a runtime requirement. It's just there for tests,

I built libldb, libtalloc, libtdb and libtevent internally with samba
using the bundle sources. And seems to me more safe that will work well
, why build 5 packages instead 1 ?

Well, YMMV and everyone's free to do it any way they like but it is my personal choice to make the rpms interrelated without being co-bundled. This way I can push an update to libldb or libtevent without having to rebuild the whole chain (CVE's would be a good reason to do so).

I have one reason to build libldb outside of samba build , is to
install modules in distinct directories , the problem was mention in
rhbz #1497018 [2]
libldb use  --with-modulesdir=%{_libdir}/ldb/modules instead --with-
modulesdir=%{_libdir}/samba ...

Yes, that's one other way to do it. I used to do that for some snort rpms to avoid replacing the base RHEL libpcap & deps. Now, since this set of samba* rpms -replaces- some RHEL/Centos base packages, I didn't want to locate samba modules in non-default places and break more stuff than necessary.

Unlike your non-intrusive self-sufficient rpms, the rpms I've built are designed to replace some base packages and it's probably ok to do so if one's setting a limit of the functions accomplished by that modified stack. E.g: With those packages, you'll be fine for running an AD DC but you might want to keep this in an isolated virtual machine whose only task is to do just that (I'm not testing/looking for other possible side effects).

I admit I like your approach too, this would make it simplier to build everything.






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