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[Samba] Shared printing between Linux (client) and Windows (server): NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Applied the update:

$ sudo samba --version
Version 4.9.5-Debian

The results of `posix_open' and `queue' cmds stay the same. Printer is idle on print cmd.

A GUI problem with endless authentication request was shot down:

1. Delete the printer

2. Add a new one

3. Network Printer -> Search -> -> Authorization Reqired: username "user", password "password" (strictly as in common account user:password between computers), domain "LOCAL"

4. Check the radio 'Enter credentials now': fill in the username and password fields the same way with user:password common combination

5. Press Verify... button, see the 'printer unavailable' error, ignore it -> click Forward... -> Select drivers (I had an HPIJS driver, changed for HPCUPS) -> Go for test printing

6. A small piece of problem remained: I cannot see printer status (for example, if there was any errors during printing like 'paper not present') or queue.

Generally GUI printing is available for now, but I want to understand what is the issue with console printing.

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