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Re: [Samba] SAMBA 48 - Dependencies Python27 vs python36

On 4/4/19 12:36 AM, Suporte - KONTROL via samba wrote:
Hi Andrew,
Thanks much for the message.

As I am using FreeBSD 12, that´s the latest SAMBA version available via PKG support, although I know it's possible to compile the ver 4.10
Would you mind let me know where to get its Source code and possibly some DOC material for FreeBSD compiling?
I will definitively give it a try.

I guess you could have a look at the net/samba48 port and use that as a base to create a new one. If you are not interested in creating a full port, but want Samba 4.10 up as quickly as possible, at least you'll find a lot of patches which were needed for 4.8 and are possibly useful for 4.10: remove them and add new ones as needed.

However, I suppose others might already be working on this, so I suggest you don't waste your time in a duplicate effort, but rather contact the maintainer and ask about the current status.

As a side note, I tend to run Samba (as well as all other non trivial software) in their own jail, so their dependencies won't conflict with other software. Beware, however, that there are some bugs wrt to Samba in a jail, which need to be worked around.



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