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Re: [Samba] classic upgrade woes, ignores realm

Am 31.03.19 um 14:51 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
Thought so, did you miss this from:



This guide is only relevant if you have a Samba NT4-style domain, that
you want to upgrade to Samba Active Directory!


You do not have an NT4-style domain, you have a standalone server.

You could try changing it to be an actual PDC, the changes are minimal,
but depending on how many users you have, it might just be easier to
start with a new AD domain.

I didn't actually miss it, I was simply convinced "yes, that's what I'm doing". Wasn't aware that "standalone" implies "not NT4-style".

After some more fiddling around, it seems I simply need to add "domain logons = yes" to my smb.conf and that's it, classic upgrade seems to work nicely.

Didn't do a proper check and will spent some more time with the lab setup, but hostname, NetBIOS domain and DNS domain are correct and users are transferred with their passwords, ldap binds and smbclient work nicely.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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