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Re: [Samba] samba 4.9.5 - joining Samba DC to existing Samba AD failed (ldbsearch has not -U and -V)

On Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:01:39 +0000
Rowland Penny via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:45:18 +0100
> "L.P.H. van Belle via samba" <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hai, 
> > 
> > 
> > I dont think one noticed this.. 
> > 
> > ldbsearch -H ldap://dc4 -UAdministrator 
> > ldbsearch -H ldap://dc1 -U Administrator 
> > 
> > So whats the difference when you see this responce of the command: 
> >  Invalid option -U: unknown ... 
> > 
> > The " " between -U Admin... 
> > Try again without the space or use --user=Administrator 
> > 
> > 
> > Greetz, 
> > 
> > Louis  
> The space doesn't make any difference '-U Administrator' or
> '-UAdministrator' both work, as does '-U administrator' or
> '-Uadministrator'
> I just wonder where '-U' went ?

Yes, is no difference between '-UAdministrator' and '-U Administrator'.
But it seems, as ldbsearch in 4.9.5 is different than 4.9.4-.
(I was furious with that, because I found lot articles on net, where
-U _username_ was stated.

My ldbsearch is from pure Samba-4.9.5, self compiled on Fedora 29 x86_64.
And now I see it even has not '-V' switch:

[root@dc1 bind-dns]# ldbsearch --usage
Usage: [-?viraS] [-?|--help] [--usage] [-H|--url=URL] [-b|--basedn=DN] [-e|--editor=PROGRAM] [-s|--scope=SCOPE] [-v|--verbose] [--trace] [-i|--interactive] [-r|--recursive] [--modules-path=PATH]
        [--num-searches=INT] [--num-records=INT] [-a|--all] [--nosync] [-S|--sorted] [-o=OPTION] [--controls=STRING] [--show-binary] [--paged] [--show-deleted] [--show-recycled] [--show-deactivated-link]
        [--reveal] [--relax] [--cross-ncs] [--extended-dn]
[root@dc1 bind-dns]# ldbsearch -V
Invalid option -V: unknown option
Usage: ldbsearch <options> <expression> <attrs...>
Usage: [OPTION...]
  -H, --url=URL                   database URL
  -b, --basedn=DN                 base DN
  -e, --editor=PROGRAM            external editor
  -s, --scope=SCOPE               search scope
  -v, --verbose                   increase verbosity
      --trace                     enable tracing
  -i, --interactive               input from stdin
  -r, --recursive                 recursive delete
      --modules-path=PATH         modules path
      --num-searches=INT          number of test searches
      --num-records=INT           number of test records
  -a, --all                       (|(objectClass=*)(distinguishedName=*))
      --nosync                    non-synchronous transactions
  -S, --sorted                    sort attributes
  -o=OPTION                       ldb_connect option
      --controls=STRING           controls
      --show-binary               display binary LDIF
      --paged                     use a paged search
      --show-deleted              show deleted objects
      --show-recycled             show recycled objects
      --show-deactivated-link     show deactivated links
      --reveal                    reveal ldb internals
      --relax                     pass relax control
      --cross-ncs                 search across NC boundaries
      --extended-dn               show extended DNs

Help options:
  -?, --help                      Show this help message
      --usage                     Display brief usage message

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